Congratulations To Our 2020-2021 Mech 6000 Presentation Winners

The Mechanical Engineering MECH 6000 Seminar Presentations occurred on May 6th and May 7th, 2021. The event consisted of a total of 23 MASc and 24 PhD presentations that occurred over 16 sessions with 3 presentations per session. Presentations in each session were evaluated by a panel of 3 randomly chosen judges that were selected from the Mechanical Engineering Department’s Awards Committee and invited MECH faculty, with careful consideration given to avoid conflict-of-interests. Each presenter was evaluated over 11 different metrics assessing a breadth of qualities such as explaining research topic, results and interpretation, future work, and presentation qualities. Each of the qualities were scored between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent). The scores from the 11 different metrics were totaled together. The totaled score from each judge were normalized against their highest given score. Each candidate’s normalized score was then averaged amongst the 3 judges and thus became their final score. Standard deviations were also computed and most candidates had a low standard deviation, with no one exceeding 20%, indicating a good agreement amongst the judges.

The top presenter in each category, as chosen by the Awards Committee, are as follows:


Matteo Timpano – Supervisor: Thomas Cooper

His presentation was titled:

Deployable Solar Collectors Enabled by Pneumatic Soft Robotics


Joshua Marques –

Jiefeng (James) Qiu –


Germiel Cacho –

Daniel Daramsing –


Milad Shakeri – Supervisor: Alidad Amirfazli

His presentation was titled:

Dropwise Condensation Shedding by Airflow in Microgravity


Vahid Nasr Esfahani –

Alireza Zabihi –


Arsalan Nikdoost –

Mohamed Abdelhamid –



The top presenter in each category, as chosen by their peers, are as follows:

  • People’s Choice Award – MASc – MohammadJavad FarschiHeydari
  • People’s Choice Award – PhD – Milad Shakeri
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