Dr. Roger Kempers has been awarded funding from the Ontario Centre for Innovation

Dr. Roger Kempers has been awarded funding from the Ontario Centre for Innovation (OCI) Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP), OCI TalentEdge, and Mitacs Accelerate fellowships for a project entitled “Development of High-Performance Additively Manufactured Wicks for Two-Phase Heat Transfer Applications”. The project is in partnership with Magna International and has a combined value of $443k.

Project Summary:

As the automotive industry shifts toward electrification and autonomy, Ontario industries are developing transformative technologies to support this progress. The objective of this partnership between York University and Magna is to leverage the design freedom offered by AM to create high-performance wick structures for two-phase heat transfer applications such as heat pipes. The benefit of this kind of design is that the wick structures can be directly fabricated as part of one-piece AM metal parts and housings, which would allow for a two-phase thermal management system to be directly integrated into virtually any component. This approach will save mass and improve overall thermal performance.
Expected project outcomes will enable Magna to design and develop lightweight, high-performance, two-phase AM thermal management solutions for a myriad of applications, including electronics, lighting and overall thermal comfort. These advancements will also position Magna to offer a wider range of thermal solutions for its customers and will surely attract related manufacturing jobs to Ontario.

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