Will I be informed if someone on campus has COVID-19?

All disclosures of COVID-19 symptoms and/or testing results and/or other personal health information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Disclosures will not  be circulated or shared. Toronto Public Health will perform all necessary investigations independently and will provide direction to the University as they deem appropriate. Individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or feeling ill in general are requested to not attend our campuses and contact Toronto Public Health (TPH), Ontario Telehealth, or their health care provider in order to receive the necessary next steps based on their individual condition.

Will York inform the community if COVID is on Campus?

If Toronto Public Health determines that there is a risk to the community, they will work with York directly through the designated department(s).. Community-based communications are recommended to only take place under the guidance of TPH. TPH has urged the university to refrain from independently communicating on cases.
If there is no assessed risk, TPH will not be in communication with York as per their privacy protocols set forth by the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004.

What if someone discloses, they have caught COVID-19?

If a voluntary disclosure is made, managers are to treat such disclosures strictly confidentially and advise the individual to stay home (or go home) and provide the necessary work accommodation provisions.
Due to the sensitivity of information surrounding such disclosures, managers (including Faculty) are not able to share the disclosure within their work areas. Notifying other employees of self disclosures (or possible exposures) without the direction and guidance of TPH does not fall within York’s scope of responsibility. Doing so can increase confusion, sharing of misinformation, the risk for misguidance, breach of privacy, and decreased levels of trust between York, health authorities and impacted individual(s).
Due to the latency period of COVID-19, it is important for managers to keep track of where employees have worked (i.e. in what buildings/areas on a given date). If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, the local public health unit will ask employers to provide information on where the employee worked as well as the contact information of any other employee who may have been exposed. Employers will track information and Public Health Units will respond.

I live in campus residence and feel sick, what should I do?

Students and residence staff who reside in undergraduate residence buildings have shared washrooms and therefore cannot completely self-isolate without additional services and supports. In these circumstances, York will facilitate the necessary supports and services to meet self-isolation requirements where they arise in such buildings.

The Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR) is the point of contact for any live-in community members seeking to self-disclose COVID-19 or COVID-19-like symptoms. Individuals will also be advised to contact Telehealth or Toronto Public Health for instructions on next steps.

OSCR will provide a personal contact point and support to live-in community members in self-isolation. Access to this information will be limited to OSCR. Any action required to be taken will be provided to respective units on a need-to-know basis (i.e. food services, housing, custodial services, security) while limiting any personal information and health information shared.

I am a student, am I allowed to return to campus?

Students returning for in-person activities will not be permitted to come on campuses without passing the screening checklist on that day and each time they attend a campus or York location. The individual leading/organizing the activity must communicate the requirement to complete the screening checklist prior to any return of in-person activity.

Students attending campus who are not required to participate in in-person activities must complete the screening checklist https://yulink-new.yorku.ca/documents/20182/12787045/COVID-19+Self+disclosure+screening+and+incident+mgmt/1962346f-adf9-4f35-b6d8-b27a91f8d98a

Student(s) answering “yes” to any of the questions must not visit our campuses until a later date.  As outlined above, instructions for visitors are posted on York’s website and signage will be posted in various locations across our campuses.

What do I do if I am moving into residence or the apartments?

Students moving into residence are to complete the screening checklist (Appendix A) prior to move-in for any appropriate arrangements to be made prior to entry to campus and/or for appropriate accommodations to be considered to maintain the health and safety of the live-in community members.

Tenants scheduled to moving into the York Apartments will be provided the screening checklist in advance of the commencement of a lease agreement. Letters will be issued by Housing. If lease holders answer “yes” to any of the questions, mutually agreed arrangements will be made to ensure the health and safety of community members.