Current Students

Will Fall 2020 courses be online or in person?

Fall term courses will be offered, for the most part, through online/remote delivery. To the extent possible and in accordance with expert guidance from our public health authorities, we may be able to offer selected in-person smaller classes and tutorials, experiential activities such as studio and labs, and re-establish access to our research facilities.

What is the difference between an online course and a remote course?

Courses offered as online (designated as ONLN) have no specified meeting times. You may also see these courses referred to as “asynchronous”.

All other courses, designated as blended (BLEN)lecture (LECT) or seminar (SEMR) will be offered remotely. That means they will have some scheduled, synchronized meeting times. You may also see these courses referred to as “synchronous” or “remote”. Corresponding Labs (LAB) and Tutorials (TUTR) for remote courses will also be offered remotely.

A small number of courses will have in-person components that require you to attend in-person for completion.

How will I know if any of my courses have in-person components?

There are 70+ York U courses for Fall 2020 that have any in-person component. You should assume that your courses are completely online and/or remote unless you either:

  1. See a notation otherwise in the course description on the York Courses website; or are
  2. Informed by your course instructor (by email or on the course Moodle website) that a specific course has an in-person component.

What happens if I start a class online and then the campus opens for in-person classes?

If you start a class online or remotely, and later in the term or the academic year classes move back on-campus, students will be able to complete their course(s) online or remotely. This applies to F (fall), W (winter) and Y (full-year) courses.

What in-person services will be available and when?

In addition to courses being delivered online or remotely, most student services will also be provided online or remotely. Online service typically means self-serve options, while remote service may include one-to-one service by phone, chat, online meeting platform (i.e. Zoom) or email.

Visit My Online Services for resources and ways to connect with the services you need for your academic success and mental and physical wellbeing.

Some limited on-campus services, including food services, will be available to students who are required to be on campus either because they are living in residence on campus or are in one of the small number of courses with in-person components or engaged in research requiring in-person attendance.

Can I live in residence on campus during Fall/Winter 2020-2021?

Residences will be open with reduced capacity to ensure proper physical distancing based on recommendation from our public health authorities. Room assignments will be offered as single occupancy only. Residents will be asked to follow expectations that promote the health and safety of the community.

If you applied for a space in residence, room offers will be sent by email.
Visit the Housing & Conference Services website for updated residence information pertaining to Fall 2020.

Can I use York Libraries?

York’s libraries are currently offering online and other remote services to ensure students have access to important learning materials as well as research guidance and assignment support. A comprehensive plan to safely implement “curbside pickup” of library materials and services is anticipated to start by June 29, 2020.

Will any student clubs be operating?

Student clubs and organizations are still assessing their best options for moving to online operations. As more information becomes available on how to access student clubs in the fall, we will update this answer.

Will any varsity athletics teams be training or competing?

There will be no sanctioned OUA or U Sports competitions up to and including December 31, 2020.

Student-athletes will be encouraged to train and opportunities for structured team training will be coordinated through the department under provincial health guidelines.

A decision regarding the opportunity to engage in Winter 2021 competition will be made by the board of the OUA in the late fall.

How do I contact services and supports that are available online/remotely only?

Websites for student services and support will include ways of contacting them, and My Online Services also has a list of resources and online/remote contact information for various services.

How do I access mental health and wellness support?

Mental health and wellness support, including Student Counselling & Development and Student Accessibility Services, are available to serve you online and remotely. Visit My Online Services to see the range of contact options (such as email, telephone, online, live chat and video appointments) available to support you.

Glendon’s Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling services are also available to support you by phone.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies GradConnect Wellness Services is available by phone and videoconferencing options.

The Office of Student Community Relations (OSCR) can be reached by telephone and email, and will continue to provide services to students in residence as well as off campus.

Can I still apply for financial aid if all my courses are online? Are there any changes to the process?

The process for applying for financial aid has not changed. If you are applying for OSAP we still recommend that you submit all your documentation by June 30 in order to have your funds at the start of the fall term.

Make sure you complete the Student Financial Profile so that you will be considered for any automatic financial aid support including scholarships, awards and bursaries.

Will there still be Work/Study opportunities for students this fall?

Yes! Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Work/Study opportunities for domestic and international students will be posted by the end of July. Postings for jobs beginning in Fall 2020 will be for positions that can be fulfilled through work-from-home arrangements. Visit the Work/Study Programs website for description of general Work/Stud; Leadership, Engagement and Ambassadorship (LEAP); and Research at York (RAY) positions, eligibility criteria and information on how to apply for these positions.

Make sure sure to complete your Student Financial Profile so your applications for Work/Study, LEAP and RAY positions can be considered.

Are there any online events for students to participate in?

Yes! There a lots of online activities and events to support your academic success, career readiness, physical and mental wellbeing and to keep you connected and entertained. Visit this calendar of online activities to see a monthly schedule and use the “show calendars” filter to narrow down your interests.

There is also a calendar of events specific to international students on the York International Events Calendar, and some community-wide events on the main York Events calendar.

Will there be a Fall Convocation ceremony?

As soon as it is safe to do so, and our government health authorities allow it, a determination will be made on scheduling in-person convocation ceremonies. Whether or not that can happen this fall is still undetermined. If you are a recent York graduate you will be invited to an in-person Convocation ceremony once one is scheduled. In the meantime, watch your email for information about a virtual graduation celebration and join our celebration of the Class of 2020!