Instructors and TAs

Where can I find one-on-one support?

One-on-one assistance is available through the Teaching Commons virtual drop-in hours, 10 am – 3 pm Monday to Friday: For discipline-specific guidance, each Faculty has identified a dedicated liaison educational developer as a first point of contact with the Teaching Commons, in addition to identifying an in-house contact. For a full list of supports please see:

Learning Technology Services (LTS) offers virtual drop-in sessions daily (Monday-Friday). More information, including specific hours for each day and a link to the Zoom office hours room, can be found at

York University Libraries chat and Zoom consultation information can be found at:

Where can my Teaching Assistants get help?

The list of contacts and support services developed for TAs, can be found at

What does the Teaching Commons offer in support of remote/on-line teaching?

To support the transition to remote/online teaching and learning, the Teaching Commons has developed the Going Remote website, offering 9 self-directed modules including suggestions and resources about course organization, content, and assessment. Interactive professional development programs also are available. Details can be found at:

As part of the Teaching Commons’ support for remote/online teaching, they offer a weekly webinar series featuring York faculty members with experience in online/remote teaching and learning who share their expertise and answer questions. The list of offerings can be found at:

Where can I access technical support for teaching remotely/online?

Learning Technology Services (LTS) is a unit within University Information Technology (UIT) dedicated to supporting instructors and teaching assistants in making the best use of online learning technologies within their course through consultation, training and a collection of resources.

LTS provides a range of support services on using Moodle for course presentation, communication, collaboration and assessment. Additionally, a number of tools have been integrated into Moodle to provide instructors with a seamless teaching and learning experience, such as Techsmith Relay for lecture recording, Zoom for videoconferencing, iClicker for student engagement, Turnitin and Crowdmark for assessment, and Proctortrack for exam proctoring.

Get started at Learning Technologies Help Centre:

There are also a large variety of computing services and facilities that aid teaching and research at York. There are course and teaching aids, technologies for classrooms and labs, information systems about students, testing and evaluation guidance, and consulting services for research needs. For more details, see:

How do I use Zoom?

Zoom at YorkU unifies cloud video conferencing for simple meetings, study groups and online learning into one easy-to-use platform. For details, please see:

How can I access Library resources?

York University Libraries (YUL) is continuing to provide research guidance and assignment development consultations to students and faculty through Zoom, email, and other modes of online communications. If you are teaching in the summer or fall terms, we encourage you to reach out to our Content Development and Analysis Department ( for guidance on online materials for course readings. For more about our services, please consult: Please also see our information about Course Reserves.

Librarians and archivists are available to teach a range of online classes from assignment-based research resources to digital literacy and research data management planning. Please contact us to organize a class tailored to your course and curricular needs: See also Teaching online site.

As we approach the Fall term, YUL is developing a comprehensive plan to safely restore in phases on-site library services and operations paused during the pandemic. Stay tuned for regular updates via the Libraries website.

Where can I find information about proctored exams?

Proctortrack software will be accessible to York instructors for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 academic terms. Proctortrack is available for courses that have final exams during the designated exam periods in S1, S2, SU and FA of 2020 and for courses that have professional accreditation requirements for proctored tests or exams.

Please note that Senate Executive has approved changes to the core required information that must be included in course outlines to disclose to students if the evaluation scheme includes an online proctored exam (  The link for instructors to insert into their course description is

For assistance with Proctortrack and set up in Moodle or your local LMS, please contact your local technical support unit.

Learn more about Proctortrack here:

How can I protect copyright and intellectual property when posting materials online?

York University’s Copyright Office provides information for instructors on course syllabi and materials.

The Teaching Commons provides some additional resources and best practices around  protecting Intellectual Property: