When will research start to ramp-up?

Since late March, only those research labs conducting critical COVID-19 related research and time-sensitive critical projects have been continuing. Over the past weeks, the Office of VPRI, all York Faculties, and the Council of Research Directors of the Organized Research Units have worked closely with York Facilities Services to develop a carefully staged and gradual ramping up of research.

The week of June 29th is anticipated to be the earliest date approved researchers and their teams will be able to physically return to campus to start their research work.  Depending on the complexity involved in implementing safety and health standards, some research labs in the high priority group may require more preparation time and therefore will need to open later.

The required essential staff to support these research activities will also be returning to work on campus. Visit research process and procedures for details.

What if my research involves face to face contact with people?

Research with human participants can continue, however, due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and the possible risk of exposure for in-person contact associated with research activities, researchers should have a compelling reason why in-person interactions with participants need to occur or continue.

For studies where there are no options to in-person interactions, researchers are advised that they must follow current public health guidelines including, but not limited to, appropriate physical distancing of at least 2 metres and nose and mouth coverings, and, where necessary, full PPE during all interactions.

My research involves in person interaction with human participants, what should I do?

Researchers can delay their research until such time that the physical distancing requirements have been lifted or can modify their research activities to use alternatives to in person contact. Researchers should use skype, zoom, phone for example to conduct their research wherever possible.

Researchers’ FAQs and support contacts at York

For more Researchers’ FAQs and support contacts at York, please visit:

York Research and Innovation website