Shared facilities and equipment

Internal York University users can view more information & reserve equipment using this link.  For users from industry and other universities, please email the Mechanical Engineering department for information on access & testing. This page shows equipment common equipment shared between the labs. Additional testing facilities are detailed on the research website, as well as the faculty page.

Atomic Force Microscope – Bruker Multimode 8

Manufacturer Website

TA Instruments – Discovery Hybrid Rheometer

Discovery Hybrid Rheometer – Brochure and Technical Specifications

TA Instruments – Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC – Technical Specifications and Brochure

Getting Started Guide

Drop Shape Analyzer

Manufacturer Website

Digital Image Correlation Camera – LaVision

Digital Image Correlation Camera – Specifications & Brochure

Bruker Contour GT-K 3D Optical Profiler

Optical Profilometer – Specifications

3D Printer – Resin – Projet MJP 3600

3D Printer & Material Specifications

High Speed Camera – Vision Research Phantom V1611

High Speed Camera – Specifications

Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer

Manufacturer Website

Universal Mechanical Tester – Instron e3000

Manufacturer Website

Infrared Camera – FLIR A6700

Manufacturer Website

X-ray Microscope – Bruker Skyscan

X-Ray Radiation Safety Information

Universal Mechanical Tester – MTS High Peak Force
Lapping & Polishing Machine

User Manual

Thermogravimetric Analyzer – TGA55 Discovery

Specifications & Brochure

User Manual

Diamond Wire Saw

User Manual

Thermomechanical Analyzer – Q Series TMA Q400

User Manual

Zeiss Confocal & Flourescence Microscope

Flourescence Imaging Module – Specifications

3D Printer – Wax – Solidscape 390

3D Wax Printer – Specifications & Brochure