Graduate Funding

1. Funding Components

Each student at Mechanical Engineering Department will normally receive funding for Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship as well as a standard scholarship from Lassonde School of Engineering.

Teaching Assistantship:The graduate students at the department play a key role in undergraduate education by assisting course directors in many aspects of teaching from lefcturing to delivering labs and tutorials, to grading assiggnments and exams to ensuring that the course is following the accreditaition guidelines of the Accreditation Board.
Research Assistantship: Research is a fundamental component of students’ life at our department and students receive a portion of their salary because of being engaged in research activities.
Lassonde School of Engineering Scholarship: The faculty provides a standard scholarship to each student who gets admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. No separate application is required and all applying students are automatically considered for this scholarship.

2. Scholarships and Awards Requiring Application

The Government of Canada’s research agencies and funded partners—the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and Mitacs—promote innovation in research and reward academic excellence by offering a number of valuable and prestigious scholarships and awards. National foundations, created to honour the legacy of great Canadians, also offer major scholarship and fellowship programs which aim to support and enhance the research, innovation, and leadership of top emerging scholars from around the world who have chosen to pursue their graduate studies in Canada.

Recent Award Recipients

Recent Award Recipients
Diego De MoraesLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipA. Czekanski
Seyed Sina DibajiLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipP. Rezai
Pardis GhahramaniLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipS. Leung
Salman Buksh SookranLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipA. Amirfazli
Xue-Ling LuoLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipD. Zhang
Kahled YoussefLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipP. Rezai
Khaled YoussefOntario Trillium ScholarshipP. Rezai
Elnaz Baradaran ShokouhiOntario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)N. Tabatabaei
Mohammadmehdi AghelinejadOntario Trillium ScholarshipS. Leung
Nima Talebzadeh GargariLassonde Graduate Entrance ScholarshipP. O’Brien
Mohamed Abdelhamid
Mechanical Engineering Award in Research Excellence (Master’s)A. Czekanski
Pouriya Bayat
Mechanical Engineering Award in Research Excellence (Master’s)P. Rezai
Maryam Fashandi
Mechanical Engineering Award in Research Excellence (Master’s)S. Leung
Hossein Banitabaei
Mechanical Engineering Award in Research Excellence (PhD)A. Amirfazli
Mohammadmehdi AghelinejadBest Seminar Presentation 2017 – PhDS. Leung
Khaled YoussefBest Seminar Presentation 2017 – PhDP. Rezai
Amin Shams KhorramiBest Seminar Presentation 2017 – Master’sP. Rezai
Elnaz Baradaran ShokouhiBest Seminar Presentation 2017 – Master’sN. Tabatabaei
Jamie (Ji Eun) LeeBest Seminar Presentation 2017 – Master’sS. Leung
Pouriya BayatBest Seminar Presentation 2017 – Master’sP. Rezai
Elnaz Baradaran ShokouhiSeminar Presentation 2017 – People’s Choice AwardN. Tabatabaei

3. Funding FAQ

If you still have questions more information is available here.