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Graduate program

Are you passionate about cutting edge research and development of new technologies in energy, manufacturing, materials, biomedical, aerospace, robotics, and automotive sectors? Do you have more interest in understanding the fundamentals and developing new knowledge of mechanics of advanced materials or thermofluidic phenomena in complex structures? Or do you want to contribute towards revolutionizing the manner engineering education is delivered to our next generations of engineers? If so, then we truly believe that our forward-looking Mechanical Engineering graduate program empowers you undertake just that.

York’s graduate program in Mechanical Engineering is housed in the newly constructed Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence where state-of-the-art facilities are made widely available to you for research and development activities. You will get an exceptional opportunity to work with world-class award-winning investigators and up and coming research stars in the department. This practice naturally results in our graduate students disseminating their scholarly works by presentations at prestigious international conferences and publication of research outcomes in top journals of their respective fields.

We have also created an exciting opportunity for our students to take courses from two premier professional schools – Osgoode Hall Law School and Schulich School of Business, which will provide you with additional “soft skills” to make you successful as you make transition from graduate school to the workplace. Our program also offers courses from Faculty of Education which will provide you with broader experience related to Engineering Education.

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Success Story

I really like the structure and values of mechanical engineering and especially in our own lab. It is a learning community, So aside from my thesis project I had the opportunity to work alongside postdocs and undergraduate students.

Jacob Leung

MASc Student in Mechanical Engineering

Equity Diversity and Inclusion

The Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering strongly supports York University’s as well as the Lassonde School of Engineering’s Statement on Equity, Diversity and Excellence.  The Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering strives to adhere to these mandates to build an inclusive community where all members have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, through an environment of mutual respect for the dignity and worth of every person. 

The Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering is committed to creating an equitable, inclusive and professional environment for all students, staff and faculty. If you experience or witness an incident of discrimination, harassment or unprofessionalism, you can make a confidential disclosure. Please see the links found at the following page.

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