Drop particle impact in the midair

Drop surface interactions that brings together the fields of fluid mechanics, physical chemistry, and surface engineering. We look at how drops wet a surface, how a drop impacts a surface, sprays, development and application of superhydrophobic surfaces, drop shedding and adhesion, coating, particle wetting, drop evaporation and condensation, and patterning self assembled monolayer surfaces using a laser beam.

Amirfazli, Alidad

Professor & Chair

Surface engineering and instrumentation lab

Innovative Design and Engineering Analysis Laboratory

Dr. Czekanski established an Innovative Design and Engineering Analysis Laboratory to support high-caliber research and promote design and innovation. These interests fall well within his knowledge and expertise gained in academia and industry. This laboratory mission is to help students to seek endeavors in areas of computational mechanics, visualization, design verification and validation.

Czekanski, Alex

Associate Professor & NSERC/Quanser Chair in Design Engineering for Innovation


Multifunctional Materials | Micro-and-Nanostructuring Laboratory

Our research focuses on advanced polymer systems, including their blends, composites, nanocomposites, and foams, with tailored properties that are comparable to metals and ceramics (e.g., thermal and/or electrical conductivities), while maintaining the benefits of polymers (e.g., good manufacturability and low density). With a unifying theme centered upon the design and fabrication of multifunctional materials, our research ranges from fundamental science to emerging technology.

Leung, Siu Ning (Sunny)

Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Program Director

M³ Lab

Advanced Club for Microfluidics Technology and Engineering

Dr. Rezai’s research interest is to develop integrated, automated, low-cost and high-throughput biomedical and lab-on-a-chip devices to facilitate research on various biological models in areas such as neurobehavioral biology, neuroscience, drug discovery, toxicology, environmental monitoring and so on.

Rezai, Pouya

Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Director


Hybrid Biomedical Optics Lab

The focus of HBO Lab is on the design and development of thermal and optical imaging technologies and devices with applications in medical diagnosis and screening. Optics-based medical devices are of particular interest to us due to their intrinsic ability of revealing malignancies in their early stages. The early diagnosis of diseases improves the effectiveness of treatments, promotes prevention rather than medical intervention, and is probably the only approach for us to win the war on cancer.

Tabatabaei, Nima

Assistant Professor