Program Vision and Mission

In our graduate program, we develop and apply a diverse range of knowledge

to engineer mechanical systems for the well-being of humankind and the environment. 

Although, it is easy to focus on the results and successes—we tend to put the focus on the first steps and discovering on what is possible and how to put together amazing research projects.  We want all graduate students to focus on uncovering a strategic plan for their research and working with supervisors that bring their work to fruition.  We want to ensure that all students know that they can uncover the unknown. Where ideas and possibility drive us toward making the world a better place.

mechanical engineering group photo

Our Vision

To be among the most innovative and cutting-edge mechanical engineering academic programs in the world and to train graduate students who will tackle global challenges related to the well-being of humans and the protection and preservation of the environment.

Our Mission

Our program aims to advance graduate students’ conceptual understanding of fundamental aspects of the mechanical engineering discipline, to enhance their analytical, interpretative, methodological, and expository skills, and to enable and foster their independent research abilities and creative activities in core (e.g., thermofluids, solid mechanics, materials, and kinematics and dynamics) and interdisciplinary (e.g., mico- and nano-systems, advanced manufacturing, energy, bio-systems, biomechanics) areas of mechanical engineering. Both students and the receptor community (e.g., future employers in academia, industry, and government) will benefit tremendously by having students developed an array of soft skills (e.g., teamwork, written and oral competency, independence, entrepreneurship, and leadership), familiarity with the business of engineering, basic understanding of legal, ethical, and intellectual property matters in engineering, as well as societal and environmental aspects of engineering, and its globalization through the research conducted by the current faculty members in the department. As such we have designed the curriculum and assemble our faculty to accomplish this mission systemically.