1000 Islands Fluid Dynamics

Prof. Hanson attended the 1000 Islands Fluid Dynamics Meeting held near Gananoque, Ontario, with members of his research group including Vahid Nasr Esfahani, Hossein Khanjari, Tejas Alva, and Costa Kandias. The meeting hosted over 60 technical seminars on current research that was attended by academics from Ontario, Quebec, and the North East of the United States who work in the area of fluid mechanics and heat transfer.  A summary of the presentations by Hanson’s team is given below.

Vahid Nsar Esfanani: Comparative analysis of end conditions on vortex shedding from a circular cylinder in sub-critical flow

Tejas Alva: Plasma actuator body force using a phase resolved integral approach

Hossein Khanjari: Laminar boundary layer response to an impulse forcing by a spanwise array of plasma actuators

Costa Kandias: Analysis of an expanding corner flow with turning vanes