Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Students headed to Michigan State University to compete in their first Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC)

On April 5th, thirteen students from Lassonde School of engineering headed over to Michigan State University to compete in their first Human Powered Vehicle Challenge(HPVC) organised by American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME).

These students worked hard over the last 8 months designing and building a vehicle. Capstone Team A was responsible for building the shell of the vehicle while Capstone Team M built the frame and drive train. The logistics and finances were handled by the executive members of the team, Affan Behzad(President) and Julia Delongis(Treasurer).

The team had to go through different challenges over the course of three days which included:

1) Full safety inspection that comprised of static judging, manoeuvrability, stopping distance, stability at different speeds and roll bar check that required inverting the vehicle with the largest rider buckled in.

2) Drag racing against other teams.

3) Endurance race which included a rumble strip, slalom, uphill, parcel pickup/drop-off and sharp turns. These obstacles repeatedly put the design to test over the course of two and a half hours.

After successfully completing all these challenges, the team received an overall rank of 34th among the 50 universities that were competing this year.

Check out the competition pictures on their Instagram: @lassondehpvc

You are also invited to their capstone showcase on Friday April 26th, 9:00am to 2:15pm at Life Sciences Building.

Here is a full list of team:

Faculty Advisor

  • Assistant Professor Ronald Hanson, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Executives from the Lassonde Human Powered Vehicle Club

  • Affan Behzad, President
  • Julia, Treasurer

Capstone Team A

  • Affan Behzad
  • Fabio Provenzano
  • Han Sun
  • Zaid Siddiqui
  • Michael Varacalli
  • Ho Lo

Capstone Team M

  • Thane Higgins
  • Joshua Marques
  • Ridham Patel
  • Jony Sureshkumar
  • Jolayemi Sowemimo
  • Swapnil Naik

Supporting Faculty Members

  • Assistant Professor Jeffrey Harris, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor Paul O’Brien, Department of Mechanical Engineering
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