SEP 17 – Sara Nangle-Smith – MECH Research Seminar Series

Sarah Nangle-Smith is a postdoctoral research fellow in McMaster University’s Thermal Management Research Laboratory. She has over 10 years’ experience in thermal management and characterization of high performance heat exchange devices including electric infrared domestic heaters, industrial furnaces, and heat exchangers designed for boiling in microgravity environments.


Heat exchangers are fundamental building blocks in engineering and are used in a wide range of applications from laptops to large scale power generation plants. Their effectiveness directly contributes to how well energy resources are being used. High efficiency heat exchangers and their implementation in waste heat recovery systems results in improved energy and fuel savings, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, there is a strong motivation to be able to enhance or control the performance of heat exchange devices, and to be able to accurately predict the performance of more complex designs to improve their utilization, to meet increasingly challenging load demands, and to increase the efficiency of the systems of which they are part. In this talk, the speaker gives and overview of her research on performance analysis and characterization of high performance heat exchangers, including the use active enhancement methods such as electrohydrodynamics (EHD).