CONGRATULATIONS! The Mechanical Engineering Capstone team wins the PEO York Chapter award for the stem cell dispenser project

Spenser The Stem Cell Dispenser

Team Instructor: Professor Hossam Sadek
Team Supervisor/Advisor: Professor Terry Sachlos
Team: Sara Kashanchi, Gianpaolo Lenard, Sherif Ibrahim, Mubariz Nagi, Sultan Humidan, Daniel Colvin.

🔗Project description: Drug and cell screening-based experiments rely heavily on the culturing techniques carried out within a laboratory. As such, liquid handling is crucial in the procedures adopted to test different drug delivery methods, to aid in determining which biological controls and parameters lead to optimize cell survival rate and/or simply observing cells in vitro outside of their natural environment. In times of urgent medical crisis, a portable, low-cost and easy to use liquid handler would be a suitable solution for high throughput drug and cell screening. Currently, the world is experiencing an unfortunate pandemic due to a pneumonia virus outbreak. With increasing COVID-19 cases in many countries, medical resources are being exhausted at a high rate. Spenser can be potentially deployed in medical centers such as hospitals, clinics and research laboratories as an additional tool in fast tracking drug screening of potential COVID-19 treatments.

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