Paper from Dr. Rezai’s ACµTE Lab in Mechanical Engineering Featured on Cover of Latest “Lab on a Chip” issue

Congratulations to Dr. Rezai and the ACµTE Lab. Their paper “Electric egg-laying: a new approach for regulating C. elegans egg-laying behaviour in a microchannel using electric field” has been chosen as the cover article for the next edition of the journal “Lab on a Chip”. This work is co-authored by Dr. Rezai’s PhD student, Khaled Youssef, and ME undergraduate student, Daphne Archonta. 

The paper, which deals with the novel effect of electric field (EF) on adult C. elegans egg-laying in a microchannel can be found here. We offer our warmest congratulations to Dr. Rezai, Khaled, Daphne and the rest of the lab for this accomplishment.

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